About WLA
About WLA

World's Leading Laureates Organization

World Laureates Association (WLA) is a non-profit, non-governmental international organization. It was founded in 2017 in Hong Kong by Roger Kornberg (2006 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry), the late Prof. Richard Lerner (1994 Wolf Prize in Chemistry), Barry Sharpless (2001 and 2022 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry), Michael Levitt (2013 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry), Kurt Würtrich (2002 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry); with Roger Kornberg as the Founding Chairman.

We are one of the largest organizations in the world for laureates having achieved the Nobel Prize, Wolf Prize, Lasker Award, Turing Award, MacArthur Fellowship and Fields Medal. Living up to these accolades, the Association is dedicated to promoting excellence in science and navigating scientific development through the expertise of its members in disciplines such as Chemistry, Physics, Medical Science, Economics, Computer Science and Mathematics.

The World Laureates Forum (WLF), initiated by WLA in 2018, is the highest-profile science conference and the foremost scientific gathering of prize winners in the world. Each year, world laureates, academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, outstanding young scientists, and experts across all sectors convene in Shanghai, exchanging insights on international cooperation, major breakthroughs in basic science, challenges and opportunities of technology advancement and critical global issues facing mankind.


Star-studded Lineup of Laureates and Experts at WLA 2nd Annual Forum

The success of WLF has laid a solid foundation for WLA's scientific endeavors, and the core of which is to translate and maximize the value of world-leading scientists' intellectual asset. By launching two innovative vehicles - World Laureates Community (WLC) and WLA International Joint Laboratories (WLA Labs), WLA is committed to enhancing international collaboration on major scientific issues, generic technology development and strategic research projects.