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World Laureates Forum

The World Laureates Forum (WLF), initiated by WLA in 2018, is the highest-profile science conference and the foremost scientific gathering of prize winners in the world. Each year, world laureates, academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, outstanding young scientists, and experts across all sectors convene in Shanghai, exchanging insights on international cooperation, major breakthroughs in basic science, challenges and opportunities of technology advancement and critical global issues facing mankind.
In 2018, the Inaugural WLA Annual Forum welcomed 35 leading scientists from all over the world, among them 26 Nobel laureates. The 2nd WLF included 65 prize-winners from 16 countries, among them 44 Nobel laureates. Though the pandemic posed enormous challenges, WLA spared no effort in ensuring successful and fruitful meetings in a hybrid format, and the following consecutive WLF witnessed grand gathering and valuable intellectual exchanges among 137 laureates in 2020, and 131 in 2021. It is also noteworthy that a total number of 83 Nobel laureates have participated in the WLF.

WLF proves to be a valuable platform for communications across national borders, fields, disciplines and generations. It pioneered a series of featured programs - the “Mobius Forum” where leading scientists look into the future of science and technology; the “Young Scientists Forum” where laureates share their views with the younger generations at "tablecloth"; the “T Conference”, which aims at promoting popularization and dissemination of science to teenagers and the public. In 5 years since its establishment, WLF has become the most anticipated scientific event of the year.

Young scientists at WLF

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