Platform & Project
WLA Labs

World Laureates Association International Joint Laboratories

World Laureates Association International Joint Laboratories (WLA Labs), led by Professor Roger Kornberg of Stanford University, 2006 Nobel laureate in Chemistry, bring together the partner institutions such as Stanford University, Yale University, Scripps Research, and Oxford University.

Supported by key scientific facilities such as National Center for Protein Science Shanghai (NCPSS) and National Research Center for Translational Medicine · Shanghai, WLA Labs seek to build a flagship research platform with cutting-edge technologies.

It aims to decode the material and theoretical basis of human genetics, advance our understanding of cellular activity and decipher the origin of life in an interdisciplinary and systematic manner. By identifying the genetic basis and molecular mechanisms of complex diseases affecting human health, WLA Labs are developing effective interventions and treatment to improve the quality of life.

In the future, the research fields of WLA Labs will gradually expand to computer science, materials science, physics etc., eventually growing itself into an integrated research institute.